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Strange Powers at the Bell House and the Brattle Theater

Oh, friends, we’ve missed you. But now! If you’re in Boston or New York, you can see us on screen and in person.

Strange Powers, the documentary by Kerthy Fix and Gail O’Hara, has two exciting screenings coming up. If you come to the screening in New York, Claudia is going to do her one-woman David Bowie extravaganza, which you don’t want to miss, PLUS you get to watch the movie.

Here are all the details. Hope to see you there.


New York:


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P.S. We haven’t forgotten about the shirts, life has been busy. We will post them, and sell them, very very soon. Thank you for your patience.

Things Get Dark in Scandanavia

From a distance, here’s what we know about Scandanavia: things get dark. These things include the Magnetic Fields. Also, the Swedes have interesting public art. For example, enormous brass penises. Need proof? See below.

Big Pete at Heathrow.

Stephin, somehow confused by the public affection.

Claudia, giant penis.

Bathroom Realism.

From the Jwoo Vermeer portfolio.

Another dark Swedish portrait.

Light, dark, Stephin.

Right now, the band is in Germany, which means they’re almost done with the European leg. We will be delighted to have them back. Perhaps they will bring pot brownies and Marimekko by the suitcase-full. One can always dream.


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London, Stockholm, and Remnants of Leamington Spa

Until we can figure out how to post YMike’s excellent photos, we’re going to offer you a small Whitman’s Sampler of what the band’s been up to in recent days.

Really, why would one hang out anywhere else?

YMike and YMike at the Barbican in London, c/o Fancy Pano Express.

Welcome to Sweden, care of a boy band and the Shirley cam.

Airport Claudee.

Shirley's still thinking about her killer rendition of 'Stand By Your Man.' (Update: the video has been secured, we're just trying to figure out how to watch it. We now owe Shirl $20)

Sam is our co-pilot, always.

Stephin's caption:Enclosed please find an ethnological photograph of a typical Swede, in its natural surroundings.

So many more photos to follow, once we learn how to post YMike’s pictures. Stay tuned. Until then, close your eyes and picture Sweden.

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TMF meets Tammy Wynette in Leamington Spa

Well, maybe not Tammy herself, but the band did spend an awful lot of time in her trailer, which was inexplicably found in the backstage area. I’m surprised no one volunteered to sleep there.

Mike found it difficult to leave Manchester, what with all the ferris wheels.

Meet Tammy's trailer.

Shirley in Tammy's trailer, delighted. We offered Shirley twenty dollars to sing 'Stand By Your Man' inside the trailer. We shall see.

Stephin in Tammy's trailer, c/o the Fancy Cam, which makes Tammy's trailer look very fancy indeed.

But who needs a trailer when you can sit at John's feet?

Next stop, London! We expect more photos of food. Don’t let us down, band.

Tally ho,

M + E

Manchester + iphones = new blog post!

The world is a small place, our friends. Today we got email after email with photos from Manchester, and without further ado, we will present them to you.

From the Shirley Cam, in an Icelandic airport. The model looks thrilled to be there, as I'm sure Shirley was.

Sam introduces us to the anti-Deathstar.

A goth cityscape, via Shirley.

John in the Manchester cathedral, also via Shirley.

We loved the cathedral. Suits us, don't you think?

The ladies, via Fancy Cam 2010.

Stephin, cathedral, Fancy Cam.

Sam and John pano, via Fancy Cam, obvs.

All of us in the van on the way back to the hotel. We look remarkably perky, I think.

Phew! What an exhausting day. Here’s what we would have eaten: fish and chips! Lots of beer! Here’s what else we would have done: gone to the Abba exhibit with Stephin!

Next stop, Leamington Spa. If there isn’t a single hot tub picture, we quit. That one’s on you, A Team.

Yours, via satellite,

M + E

The lucky ducks in Manchester get to see TMF rock a cathedral tonight!

Soundcheck. Taken with the Sam Cam