Tour Dates

Hello nice people of the internet. We are Mike and Emma, your trusty merch team. Come and see The Magnetic Fields in these cities, and we will sell you a t-shirt or a record or a poster printed with our own little hands. Any thoughts about where we should eat sandwiches are much appreciated.

Feb 4 – Washington, DC
Feb 6 – Montreal
Feb 8 – Toronto
Feb 10 + 11 – Boston
Feb 13 – Brooklyn
Feb 21 + 22 – Portland
Feb 23 + 24 – Seattle
Feb 27 – Oakland
Mar 1 – San Francisco
Mar 2 – Los Angeles
Mar 4 – Milwaukee
Mar 5 – Bloomington, IN
Mar 6 – St. Louis
Mar 7 + 8 – Chicago
Mar 10 + 11 + 12 – New York City


7 responses to “Tour Dates

  1. when you come to LA I will make sandwiches for you at my house.

  2. oh jennie i wish we were going to be in la long enough to eat your sandwiches! we will be there for a grand total of about 12 hours. next time!

  3. <— One of the best sandwiches I've had at a really cool Chicago locale. Just be sure to get a bottled water if you get water as otherwise they'll give you a lukewarm glass of tapwater. No ice. Yuk.

    But, the veggie reuben is magical.

  4. You’d have to cross the river into Cambridge, but you should definitely check out the All-Star Sandwich Bar when you get to Boston.

  5. So excited you’re coming to town (Portland, OR) for two shows!! Kenny and Zukes makes amazing sandwiches at two locations in town (the NW one is more low key, but the downtown one is right near Powells Bookstore). And I just ate at a place called Broder in SE that makes an authentic Scandanavian breakfast that was incredible. If you want to up the ante, may I also suggest Le Pigeon, but get there early or make reservations because it’s a small space… have a wonderful tour!

  6. When you’re in san francisco you have to get a sandwich here:

    Call it in advance and pick it up (it’s mostly a to go place).

  7. A Dubliner with a love for Portland, I can heartily recommend ROXY Diner in downtown PDX. It’s fabulous. Plus it’s a short few city blocks to Powell’s city of books. Miss Roxy at your peril.

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