Strange Powers Gets a Website

Official Poster

Love The Magnetic Fields, but wish you could sit in a movie theater with them? Want to see Stephin feed Irving some Pinkberry? Boy oh boy are you in luck. Above is the official movie poster (an M + E design, may we add) for Strange Powers: Stephin Merritt and the Magnetic Fields. Click here to visit the film’s website where you’ll find the trailer (also linked below), and click here to follow Strange Powers on Twitter, where you’ll get all the juicy information about upcoming screenings.

We told you things were going to get more exciting around here.

M + E


5 responses to “Strange Powers Gets a Website

  1. So are both posters as official as the other? The bluer one and this one, I mean.

    ‘Cause I like them both.

  2. Nope. This is the official poster. Orange = official. The other was a preliminary draft. Unfortunately, Emma’s picture of Stephin with the horn was too blurry for prime time. We think the piano image is better anyway.

  3. Hi, guys!
    I clicked the link to watch the preview and it said it was a private video or something…just so you know…

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