Washington, DC

The first day of tour was a success. We had a pleasantly uneventful drive to DC with Dan, who will be doing the sound, and then someone showed up with cupcakes. Not too shabby, DC.

It was also our first night with opener Laura Barrett, the most adorable Canadian since the invention of Canada. She and bandmate Ajay are the stars of out first tour video, which you can enjoy below.

This is what a car packed with gear and merch looks like.

Cupcakes. Minus one.

Stephin always knows which camera to look at. Mine.

Enjoying the cupcakes.

We've been taking photos of the most Orch-Folk people of the night. This guy's jacket wins all by itself.

These girls were close behind. The rest of their outfits were more Folk-y, promise.

Mike's hair was also pretty Orch-Folk.

Soundcheck, John Woo.

Soundcheck, Stephin.

Laura and Ajay show off their jazz hands.

Then two of our friends surprised us, and each other! How delightful.

Then John arrived, and all the teenage girls swooned.

I kiss you.

Facts and figures:

Hours driving: Four

Name of my lipstick: Red

Cupcakes eaten: Two

Surprise Guest Stars: Three

Poster Packs Sold: Nine

Weirdest Thing in Hotel Room: Gauzey curtain surrounding the bed, which also has slightly plastic-y sheets. Hmm. Also, photographs of Barbie Dolls wearing pajamas.

And without further ado, meet the openers:

See you in Montreal!

M + E


One response to “Washington, DC

  1. Those bags are beautiful and this blog is shaping up to be just as awesome as the other one. Thanks, guys! ❤

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