Dear Canada, Why Do You Hate Us So Much?

We will do a proper post later on, when we have taken some exciting photographs, but in the meantime, here was our day yesterday.

10 hour drive to Canadian border!

3 hours AT Canadian border, being threatened and taunted by Customs Officers!

40 min frozen walk to poutine!

Cash only!

Our ATM cards don’t work!

It’s 1am!

Everything else is closed!

40 min frozen walk back to hotel.

Legs and extremities hot pink and scalded-looking!


We hope today is better, Montreal. We were really, really excited to meet you.

Next stop, breakfast. Wish us luck. Any Montreal concert-goers reading this, we accept edible presents at the merch booth.


M + E

This is what freezing to death looks like. While you're starving to death.


6 responses to “Dear Canada, Why Do You Hate Us So Much?

  1. Girl, you need a hug!
    LOVE the website. xx

  2. OMG! and here we thought the scary border was with Mexico. We all look forward to filled in stories about this nasty set-back. Glad you are ok!

  3. Sorry about that. Montreal is a really lovely town, honest. We’re really happy you’re here, if only for a day or two.

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