Okay Montreal We’re All Better Now

Yesterday was rough (see last post for photographic proof of our pathetic sadness at the night’s end), but today was a vast, vast improvement. We ate. Several times. And, lucky for you, we took pictures.

We started the day with little Montreal bagels.

Then we went straight to breakfast. Pictured here: Dan, knife.

More breakfast.

Then we took the zippy Montreal subway back to the hotel.

There was a photobooth in the train station.

Mike did some work. I hovered nearby.

When Distortion + Realism break up. As seen in Montreal window.

At soundcheck, the Fancy Cam got Extra Fancy with this angle.

View from the balcony during soundcheck.

Soundcheck, Claudia, music stands.

Soundcheck, Stephin. I took another photo of him laughing, but it was too gleeful to post.

Claudia and Stephin talk over Sam's head, soundcheck.

Soundcheck, John, Fancy Cam.

Crowd waiting to enter the Corona Theater.

Orch-folk mittens.

Orch-folk coat.

It was Glenn's birthday, and Laura said so right there on stage. How lovely.

We watched the whole show from the merch booth. I won't spoil the set-list for you, but DAMN it's good.

See, Montreal? We got along well after all. Warm and fuzzy and all.

Alright! We even spoke a few words of French! Tomorrow, we head for Toronto. If you’re not following us on Twitter, please do so. I asked for a drink via Twitter during the show, and not one person took me up on it. You can do better than that, internet!

A bientot!

M + E


4 responses to “Okay Montreal We’re All Better Now

  1. That fourth picture is so beautiful! Good job, guys.

    And, I’d kill to see a gleeful photo of Mr. Merritt, though I do understand the repercussions of posting it.

    How many poster packs sold thus far???

  2. The last photo is adorable.

  3. I suppose border+us band=suspected drugs. Is that what might have happened? Curious minds want to know details. Stay warm and well fed.

  4. orch-folk forever!
    thanks for your part in a great night!

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