The Road to Toronto

is longer than it seems and pretty, if not a little boring. Luckily, dear readers, we had you to think about and documented the exciting highlights.

We stopped for gas (in liters!) at the Fifth Wheel.

If Stephin was a stuffed animal, he might be this one.

There weren't many prizes for the truck drivers, poor things.

We bought this.

And here’s why, as written on the back of the package: Millionaire playboy Hugo flies around Acapulco in his private helicopter looking for woman to wine and dine. But what these women don’t know is that this Casanova is on a deadly agenda–to feed his hungry cats.

Somewhere in the middle.

This is what happens on a long, boring drive.

Then we got to Toronto, where the Vietnamese food lives. Here, Claudia points.

Dan ordered this beef plate that came with these crazy rice paper wraps.

Mike got some wonton Pho

Emma got a bun.

Dan and Claudia look at Dan's plate in disbelief.

After dinner we went to the hotel bar and watched the last three minutes of the Super Bowl. I think they have better food in New Orleans than in Indianapolis, so I’d say the right team won.  Having fun so far Toronto!

M + E


4 responses to “The Road to Toronto

  1. Toronto is also where Indian food lives. Its address is Gerrard Street East. You’ll find very tasty (and photogenic) dosas and all manner of Indian snacks there.

  2. Vietnamese food looks incredible. Cat movie moreso.

  3. Just looking at that first picture just gives me the chills, it looks very frigged and dry. But that cat movie looks like it would be a good watch for whatever reason.

  4. I’m glad that I got to see you at the booth tonight, and find out the location of that restaurant. 🙂 Fantastic show – thank you!

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