Toronto is Tops

Oh, Toronto! You sneaky minx! How delicious can one city be? Perhaps needless to say, all we did was eat. Proof found below.

Laura drew us a map over breakfast. It's a map of Toronto eats.

Band photo for Home Away from Home, the hottest new band on Dundas Street.

Both Jennie Garth and Willem Dafoe also ate at Lakeview Lunch. If only they'd eaten with us. Especially Jennie.

Then we took a break to load in all the gear, and were beat. Time for a pick-me-up.

Picked up.

Sleepy Claudee backstage.

It would be amazing if the scene was backstage was all Moet.

In reality, it's more Throat Coat.

Empty theater.

Laura's manager built her a blue polar bear. Whatta gal, whatta bear.

Blurry and lovely Ron heard us beg on Twitter (@mpluse) for whiskey, and brought us some. Swoon.

Proof of whiskey.

Orch-folk, complete with homemade ears.

For some reason, the theater put out free hand sanitizer. And sushi. Hmm.

Finally, The Magnetic Fields on a jumbo-tron.

Orch-folk pair.

Laura and a walnut cake. One of about 75.

Claudia received a travel scrabble board. Tour tourney, here we come.

Walnut cakes, mid-air.

He didn't catch it.

But will Ajay?


Dan caught one.

John, who is not actually this pale.

Did I mention how pretty the elevators in the hotel were?

What a lovely time we’ve had, Toronto. We are heading back to the States with zero t-shirts and seven CDs and no vinyl. The drive to Boston will be very long and tedious, so please do check in with us on twitter @mpluse, or with the band @themagfields.

See you in Boston!


M + E


6 responses to “Toronto is Tops

  1. More t-shirts will be gotten, right??!! RIGHT!?!

    Also: I hope that bear is onstage the whole time. I love him or her.

  2. i call dibs on bringing you whiskey on march 10!

  3. ha ha ha! orch-folk. we get called all kinds of names, but that one is new.

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  5. Thank you for coming to Canada, everybody associated with the band should be very proud of the work that was done. Top notch!

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