We have several pieces of exciting information.

1. One dollar coins in Toronto are called loonies. They have a loon on them. Isn’t that adorable?

2. We are almost in Boston, after a fairly zippy drive from Canada. We spent about two whole minutes at the border. USA!

3. At long last, we will have copies of the Coraline cast recording at the merch booth, starting tomorrow night in Boston.

4. Yesterday, we had 993 blog readers. Let’s make it a thousand!

M + E


9 responses to “USA!

  1. Can’t wait ’til we see you in Portland!

  2. If Coraline doesn’t last, I can’t say my actions will be entirely in my control. The same can be said of those poster packs.

  3. Boston is so ready for you!

  4. Toronto loved you… will the Coraline record be available in stores? Is it released by Nonesuch?

  5. And two-dollar coins are called toonies. Because they have a toon on them. Or something. Cheers!

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