Aloha, Boston.

Bostonians, you are one tough bunch. If Montreal has the haircuts, and Toronto has the eye-liner, then Boston has the ‘tude. And the leopard print tights. Below, behold the wonders we’ve encountered thus far.

Vietnamese dinner #2. Not quite as delicious as Toronto, but still fab.

The next morning, we went to the Hi-Rise with Stephin.

This is what was in the box. Lemon curd cake. Yes, please.

Mike's shirt and tie look extra good with the Gonson's tablecloth.

We all were delighted by the Marimekko store.

Mike and a ship, Harvard Square.

Little Claudia, big door.

Shirley gave Stephin a pocket-sized Stylophone for his birthday.

As seen from behind.

John, empty theater.

Ajay, Colbert Report, staircase.

Laura and Ajay have been eating their knitting, the poor things.

Orch-folk, with Linsey.

Behold, the power of the internet: Austen heard my plea and brought me a glass of wine.

Much appreciated. I love you, Austen, and I love you, internet.

Phew! It was a long first day in Boston. Not pictured: our third Vietnamese dinner in a row. I think tonight we’ll go for something wild, like hamburgers. Any recommendations welcome here or at @mpluse on Twitter. Also, are you following @themagfields on Twitter? You should be.


M + E


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