Emma & Mike at the Merch Booth: A Short Film by John Woo

This is so incredible.  Please watch now.


9 responses to “Emma & Mike at the Merch Booth: A Short Film by John Woo

  1. I LOVE THIS SO MUCH. How cute and quaint.

    And, for the record, no matter how many views you average, the blog is never boring. And, it’s nice to know I won’t be the only tie-bearing individual in the building come March. Good on ya’, Mr. Fusco.

  2. The cutest hubby and wife team in MERCH! Plus, talented.

  3. That last breakfast does sound pretty good. One downside to this video: I now want one of those discontinued shirts, and they’ll probably be sold out by the time you guys are in SF! Nooo!

  4. It’s Vermicelli time.
    It’s vermicelli time.

    where he at. where he at. there he go. there he go.

    Vermi – Celli! Vermi-Celli!!

  5. So jealous! Wish I were with you guys. xM

  6. Thank you John Woo for memorializing the merch persons! This is delightful and captures the two of them to perfection. Something about fun, food and style!

  7. I wish you could have fit me into one of the merch boxes with you. Instead I’m stuck in the basement. And claudia took the keys with her….

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