A Nice Way to Spend a Morning

Before the show at BAM tomorrow, we had to order all the merch for the next leg of the tour, which includes Seattle, Portland, Oakland, San Francisco, and LA. Luckily for us, we got to crunch the numbers at Claudia’s parents’ house, which includes this fabulous couch built for two, and these beautiful flowers, and this amazing sunlight.

Also, one warning about the merch in Brooklyn. BAM only permits their own people to handle the money for the merch (the horror!), so while we will be behind the booth and meeting and greeting and talking and laughing and photographing and videotaping and such as usual, you will be handing your money to the nice BAM employee. Try not to make them feel too bad. Or, do. No, don’t. Just keep telling them that you love us more.

See you tomorrow, fellow Brooklynites.


M + E


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