The evening at BAM was a funny one. The room is so enormous and gorgeous that we couldn’t stop taking photos during the soundcheck. We sat in every seat in the house. BUT, alas, the house rules were such that we were not allowed to handle any money, and so the bottleneck at the merch booth really ruffled our feathers. We are professionals, people! We like to work, and we hate to let down the wonderful fans of the Magnetic Fields. We are terribly sorry if you couldn’t get what you wanted at the booth due to the interminable wait time. We will have everything you need at the Town Hall shows, we promise. Service with a smile.

Without further ado, the photos.


M + E

Thank god all the Union guys were there to help us carry the gear. All four pieces of it.

Woo, lounging.

Dan is more nimble than a jungle cat.

Shirley, bathed in angelic light as usual.

While I was waiting, I did some Chekhov monologues. Okay, not really, but it does look dramatic, no?

No bad seats. We tested them out.

Seriously, every seat.

Stephin beckoned me silently to this spot, and then waited for me to take the picture.

Then John wanted to do it, too.

Sam demonstrates his Olympic-level sprinting prowess.

Big wall, little Mike. Every green room should be so grand.

We can still see him, try as he might to hide behind that guitar.

Mike described this as 'Claudia on Inside the Actor's Studio'

They have good hats.

And from the other side, during the show.

Kerthy brought along the trailer. Here, Erik watches and discusses.

Our friend Ben, the Orch-Folkiest butcher in all of Brooklyn.

Also, we got some new toys for our iphones.

Strobe lights and smoke? Which show are they talking about?

We’ve now got a week off before we fly to Portland for the next leg of the tour. Have any exciting food recommendations in Portland, Seattle, San Francisco, Oakland? Let us know! Also, though @themagfields is going swimmingly, poor little @mpluse only has a hundred and fifty followers. I will say that it was awfully demoralizing to have strangers hear our call for wine and whiskey in foreign lands, but to have no one respond in our own city. We would do it for you, friends, we would do it for you.

See you in Portland! We’ll be wearing clothes made out of Voodoo Donuts!

M + E


13 responses to “BAM! BAM! BAM!

  1. Wow…Mike and Emma, you brought the show to my laptop! I’m especially fond of Emma’s Chekhov photo….

  2. Ms. Gonson ages so gracefully…

  3. I love your site! I’m constantly checking for updates. But I want more pics of Stephin! Ask him if he’ll wear a penguin outfit and then do a photo shoot. Make sure each his arms are in the penguins wings. In hanging my heterosexuality, it’d be adorable.

  4. Strobe lights and smoke at a magnetic fields show would be verrrrrry interesting. 🙂

  5. I have to know what iPhone app you used! I miss making actual Polaroid transfer prints.

  6. Re: Portland food. Oh boy oh boy! You’ll love it here. This is a diner’s paradise.

    The theater isn’t terribly far (a mile or two?) from a “food cart pod” of excellent repute:
    There you can choose from crepes, pizza, mexican food, FRENCH FRIES SMOTHERED WITH POUTINE, fried hand-pies, and more.

    We’re crazy about our food carts here. One of the best pizza shops in all of Portland is run out of a renovated trailer maybe 5 miles from the theater:

    The theater is also mere steps away from a German sausage house and restaurant:

    I could go on & on. And on. How mobile and willing to travel will you be?

    • Oh, we love those food carts! And perhaps a poutine in Portland will make up for our lack of poutine in Montreal. Thanks for the wonderful recommendations!

  7. Oooh, so much good food in Seattle. You will want to eat sandwiches at Baguette Box You can walk there from Town Hall. It’s uphill, but worth it.

  8. Damn, I want that iPhone app too. WHAT IS IT?!!

    That pic of Stephin is awesome. Yay Spinal Tap 😛

  9. Oh! Ooh! Will there be strobe lights and smoke in the MF show in Los Angeles? Can I bring my glow sticks??
    Im gonna bring them and tie them to my ‘TapOut’ shirt. I brought an extra one for Stephin too. I just know he will love it!

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