PDX + Chicken Wings + Sunlight

Portland is sunny in February. It’s been 60 degrees, and yesterday, I didn’t wear any socks. Of course, today I woke up with a cold, but that’s a price I’m willing to pay. I am also delighted to report that Mark Eitzel has joined us for the West Coast leg, and you can look forward to seeing his face in the upcoming days. I am even MORE delighted to report that we ate the best meal of the tour thus far. Photo below. I think we’re going back for lunch.

My close personal friend Doris Day.

We found Darren wandering the streets, suspiciously close to the pinball arcade.

Blue arcade. Blue sky.

The dressing room at the Aladdin, as modeled by John Woo.

I didn't pack any sunglasses.

If you turned Mike inside out, he would turn into Stephin. Or something.

Marquee, sunlight. 60 degrees, people!

ATTN: BEST MEAL OF THE TOUR. If you're in PDX, go to POK POK. Hallelujah.

Nothing is more Orch-Folk than a whole family having a hootenanny.

Old friends and new friends and friends names Zebra.

Not sure what this was supposed to mean, but it was tough.

Also, we found a typewriter that typed in cursive.

Seduced and Abandoned. Well done, Shirley.

And finally, these hats are on sale because the Tourganizer stopped wearing them - sparking a nationwide reduction in the trend. Thanks, Claudia Cam.

More photos forthcoming from the Shirley cam! The Claudia cam! And other cams!

See you tonight, Portland. Any and all suggestions for daytime activities can be sent to us here or @mpluse on Twitter.


M + E


10 responses to “PDX + Chicken Wings + Sunlight

  1. oh man. i miss you guys!

  2. You guys are going to spend a few hours searching Powels today, right?

    Also highly reccomended is Kenny and Zukes on Stark St for amazing sandwiches.

  3. OMG you were blocks from my sister!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    she lives down the block! glad you had fun

  4. Outstanding!

  5. oh yes, already been to powell’s, of course. and brendan, we will start stopping every charming girl we see to ask if she is your sister.

  6. I love pictures like that one of Mr. Merritt and Mr. Fusco. One must forever wonder what it is that they’re looking at. WHAT’S OVER THERE?

  7. Fun photos! Portland has been putting a show on for you, for sure. Spring will leave again shortly, before coming back for good — but I’m loving it for now.

    – butterfly shirt lady

  8. Photos I would really like to see:

    Merritt + Eitzel, posed in the same frame. I have a framed picture of SM & Sarah Cracknell hanging on my wall (by G.O’Hara), and it would thrill me to see one of him and Eitzel by you.

    Merritt minus that hat he insists on wearing. This is a challenge!

  9. I’ve been thinking about moving to the Portland area, and seeing that “barcade” makes me want to even more. I LOVE pinball!

    A cursive typewriter, wow…I want one. As well as one of those brown hats.

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