TTFN, Portland.

I may not be able to breathe through my nose, but I can still eat some tacos. We had a lovely time in Portland, but are hitting the road today in order to get to Seattle in time for soundcheck. In the meantime, please enjoy our final PDX cornucopia of delights.

That's right, Shirley, the magic is in the hole. T-shirt courtesy of Voodoo Donut.

Dan, waiting for his fake grandmother, with real flowers.

We went back to our fave Mexican food cart for lunch.

Mike, with delightful burrito.

No talking. Just eating.

Listen, I could only pack so many things. Is it my fault they were all the same color? No one ever tells Stephin he looks crazy for wearing so much brown.

Mike Tourganizes Jason with the 69LS Vinyl Box. Or, is Jason Tourganizing Mike?Taken with the John Woo Fancycam 2010

Band, Aladdin Theatre.

Stephin, shadowy corners.

Our friend Kristina came. She is one hot fiance.

During the soundcheck for Darren's surprise encore, Stephin and Sam stood off to the side and did some stretches. Or, prayed to Darren. We're not sure which.

Mark is very popular. He also tells people which songs to skip on his records, which seems remarkable to me.

Mike has had six of these in the last two days. I think the Woo count was even higher.

Portland, we are sorry to leave you. Especially because all the amazing little shops around the hotel were closed on Monday, and all I could do want breathe heavily on the glass.

See you tonight in Seattle! We strongly encourage you to buy some poster sets. How else are we going to support our taco habit?


M + E


3 responses to “TTFN, Portland.

  1. Oh stumptown, you really understand coffee. Portland is such a wonderful city.

    Can’t wait for Saturday’s show in Oakland!!!

  2. Oh wonderful. I get to almost taste/smell the coffee and eat the tacos. Keep on tellling us how it is. Finally there ain’t nothin’ wrong with red legs!

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