Seattle: Slightly Damp But Warm Nonetheless

The drive from Portland to Seattle was pleasantly uneventful. We thought about stealing everything that wasn’t nailed down in our Ace Hotel room, but we are good, honest people, and did nothing of the sort. Both Stephin and I have been blowing our noses constantly, but I think we’re on the mend. Must be the free hot chocolate in the lobby.

These handsome Orch-Folks came to see us in Austin AND in Seattle in 2008. Lovely to see them again.

Another well-dressed audience member.

Mark Eitzel makes excellent gestures.

Claudia, loitering in the lobby of the gorgeous Town Hall.

Stephin's head. In case you couldn't tell.

The audience.

Katherine and Andrew, charming as always.

We sell more merch when I wear lipstick.

Calvin and Lois showing Claudia some love.

And now, you probably find yourself asking, oh! But what did you eat? Not pictured above: our lunchtime pho and our dinnertime sandwiches from the Baguette Box. If anyone has any suggestions close to Town Hall, please holler.


M + E


5 responses to “Seattle: Slightly Damp But Warm Nonetheless

  1. i love Pho! Claudia looks great 😉

  2. Seems to me there is a true Brooklyn-Seattle connection, to wit Katherine and Andrew’s appearance. And, it’s a good come-on with the red lipstick. Perhaps Mike could see what happens…
    oh no, better not finish that thought.

  3. As excited as I am to see Ms. Barrett, I wish I could be at one of these shows featuring Mr. Eitzel. What a lovely photograph of him.

  4. Great show! It was just lovely.

    That being said, I recommend Six Arms (300 East Pike Street) which is a great pub and has super good fries, and Molly Moon’s ice cream shop (917 E Pine St). If you’re looking for a bar, everyone I know swears by the Chapel (1600 Melrose Avenue).

    Enjoy the rest of your time in Seattle!

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