The Dolls’ Tea and Crumpet Party, Day Two in Seattle

I could offer you a list of everything we ate yesterday, but it would make both of us feel ill. Seattle has been delicious and clean and friendly, and we are sorry to leave it. Somehow, we have again failed to go to Top Pot, making this the second donut-less city in a row. But really, how can you expect us to eat donuts when the crumpets are so good?

Salami from Salumi.

Meatballs, also from Salumi.

The van we were borrowing broke down. It seems Jason failed to tourganize the spark plugs.

I think we will all miss the man in the maze.

John and Sam are hams.

We took pictures of this lovely photographer while she took pictures of the band.

Also, of Mike watching the photographer take pictures.

We also took pictures of her lying on the floor.

Jordan made this button himself.

It was Wednesday. Stephin delivered these to the merch booth. Mine, on the left, was called the Holly Hobby Dance Party.

Orch-folk color combo.

Our favorite family of the night. Ties AND eye-liner. Well done, family.

Janine and Tyler display the NW's finest grapefruit.

Our favorite girl in our favorite TMF-inspired dress came back. This time she brought her boyfriend, also decked out in his All the Umbrellas in London finest. Well done, guys.

Do I look older? Fatter? More tired? I can't tell. We have more merch, though, that is for sure.

Here’s the sad part about Seattle. We ate so many crumpets, and enjoyed so many crumpets, and then my iphone broke and all my pictures were erased. This morning I took a video of Claudia extolling the virtues of the Seattle crumpet, and it is lost forever. Woe is me! Woe is me. And woe is you, because it was adorable, and you would have loved it.

See you in San Francisco!


M + E


7 responses to “The Dolls’ Tea and Crumpet Party, Day Two in Seattle

  1. May I ask what the little “Strange Powers” poster-thingy toward the bottom of the booth is? Or are ya’ gonna make me wait for a surprise?

  2. That is the postcard for the film, Michael. No info you haven’t seen, though printed on a handsome little card.

  3. Ah, fun! Nice of you all to advertise, particularly in SF before the screening. Will there, by chance, be pictures from the screening, by the way?

  4. I want a button like that. I should make one myself?

  5. yay! welcome to san francisco!!! OMG do i see a copy of the 60 love songs on vinyl at the merch table? OMG! i’m gonna say hi at the show on monday 🙂

    • you know, you are one of the few people who knows about 60 love songs, stephin’s all-flute record.

      we do not have 69 love songs on vinyl at the booth. we have an empty box that shows you what the vinyl looks like. you CAN, however, pre-order it from the Merge website.

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