Day Off in San Fran

After our little delay in Seatac, we were all a little sleepy. (See the last post to understand how we spent that extra time at the airport.) So far, we’ve spent our day off shopping and eating. Not too shabby. Somehow, we even convinced the rain to go away. Oh, San Francisco, we have so much more eating to do!

Shirley was extra sleepy. We came to the right place.

Paws raised for good luck.

In this band, Mike is the brooding lead singer. They are from New Jersey.

Dinner in Japantown.

This morning, we took the bus. Aren't we brave.

The bus went straight to Tartine, like all buses should.

We stopped for coffee at Ritual. Mike bought me this tiny cupcake. This is also the closest I've come to yoga class.

Claudia's mole tacos.

Do you think I ate this entire burrito? Reply in the comments section, please.

Also known as the Orch-Folk section of the thrift store.

Phew! And we’ve been here less than 24 hours. Tonight, we’re going to go to the movies, maybe crash a fancy party, and eat another meal, if we can find room in our stomachs. Wish us luck.

See you at the show tomorrow, Oakland!


M + E


6 responses to “Day Off in San Fran

  1. Of course you ate it all. At least I hope you did. It looks mmmmmmmmm.

  2. Clearly that is a Papalote burrito.

    Only a crazy person wouldn’t finish it.

  3. Yes, yes, and more yes you ate it. You ate the hell out of it, I’m certain.

    Also, no yoga = no fun.

  4. You bet I ate it all. That was clearly a trick question.

  5. I bet you didn’t eat that radish.

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