We Are Freegans, Stephin is a DJ

We are freegans. Last night, our friend Alex bought us hamburgers. This morning, John bought us breakfast. And then, this afternoon, when we got to Dynamo Donuts ten minutes after they closed, the kind Dynamos took pity on us and gave us three free donuts. Oh, San Francisco. You don’t have to try so hard! We already like you! Also, Stephin did a little guest DJ hour at Amoeba records. They gave us free stuff, too. Jeez Louise!

It was true, Stephin was live.

I told Stephin to 'look like a DJ.' This is what he did. Very convincing.

Here are the first twelve songs he played.

We did pay for our own tacos.

There is no joy like the joy of a free donut.

And now, we’re off to the screening of Strange Powers. We will report back afterwards. At the moment, we’re gearing up for the film by watching The Fast and the Furious in our hotel room.


M + E


5 responses to “We Are Freegans, Stephin is a DJ

  1. May I just say that I enjoy reading of your food-related adventures in particular, but really it’s all good? Well I just did so asking permission is just disingenuous.

  2. Those folks at Amoeba are so lucky! Firstly, that set list looks SOOO good! Banana Splits? Searchers? Yes, please. But, more importantly: that outfit!

  3. You don’t know the half of it– Stephin’s t-shirt today said ‘Nature is the Worst.’ Brown on brown, natch.

  4. dynamo is on my list of things to do in SF on friday. what flavor was yours??

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