We Left Our Hearts in Oakland

Zowee! After a ho-hum merching experience in Portland, we were counting on the SF crowd to go bananas at the merch booth, and they did. Plus, we had special guest stars! How exciting. See below.

At Claudia's keynote talk at Noise Pop, she got to sit on these Swedish thrones. Very impressive.

I told you they were Swedish.

The Fox.

Special Guest Star Daniel Handler is actually a ray of sunshine. No, really.

If John and Shirley had a baby who knew how to tune an autoharp, that baby would look just like this.

John made some eyeball sandwiches.

Pom pom, mirror, pom pom, mirror, pom pom, mirror.

The Fox had a lending library. Sample title: The Beachcombers' Guide to the Pacific Coast.

Sesame mochi. Four missing.

Daniel and Shirley didn't even know this picture was being taken.

Orch-folk coat.

The Fox had mouthwash in every bathroom. What a place.

Kerthy and Paul, waving right at you.

Alex, Aurora, and the biggest Styx fan in the Bay.

Sleepy after the ride back to SF. Thank god for the tongue depressor sofa.

Dan, being eaten alive by the bean bag chair in our room.

By the way, this is what the show looked like from the last row. Now that's a tiny ukulele.

This guy reminded me of the guy in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. The guy who pulls your beating heart out of your chest.

We're pretty sure everyone is Oakland is a graduate.

On the agenda: Stephin spinning at Amoeba, the Strange Powers screening, plus tomorrow’s show at the Herbst. Stay classy, San Francisco, and we’ll see you soon.


M + E


2 responses to “We Left Our Hearts in Oakland

  1. what a great show. i enjoyed myself thoroughly! thanks for the pix. the fox is a lil’ gem, innit? xxm

  2. the fox is a rather large and glamorous gem, i’d say! so glad you enjoyed yourself.

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