Strange Powers: The Screening

Last night, we all snuck into the back of the Mezzanine and watched the screening of Strange Powers: Stephin Merritt and the Magnetic Fields. We giggled throughout, especially in the little moments when our own faces were suddenly on a big screen in front of a few hundred people.

Stephin, on screen.

We all drank a lot of Thompson Ridge. Especially Jason, who was about to tourganize himself right onto the floor.

Q & A with Kerthy, Gail, Stephin, and Claudia

After the screening, Gail, Kerthy, Stephin, Claudia, and Sean all got into the shower, where the light was the best.

Claudia brought snacks.

After careful consideration, M + E give the film two thumbs up.


One response to “Strange Powers: The Screening

  1. Can’t wait to see it at SXSW. I’m considering bringing a bag of noseflutes and kazoos, you know, for a pre-show performance of 100,000 Fireflies and Papa Was a Rodeo.

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