Adios, San Francisco.

It is 1:17am, and we have to wake up at 6:15am to head to the airport, so I will keep my opening remarks brief. San Francisco, you may have dreadlocks and eat canned oysters on the bus, but we love you.

Lobby Tableau at the Tomo.

Herbst, spotlight on Daniel.

Lights, walls, frescoes? Frescos? Oh, I am so sleepy.

The Magnetic Fields' Boardroom. Meeting in session.

Boardroom close-up. Decisions being made. Tough, tough decisions.

Joey wins the prize. Not only did he bring me a glass of wine, he also brought us the most gorgeous, unbelievably amazing chocolate. Whatta guy.

I'm talking about really, really good chocolate.

Pacolli, our favorite effervescent Brazilian, has moved to SF. You should all be very excited.

Angus and Jason brought us cookies. A very sneaky way to get on the blog, Davol, very sneaky.

Orch-folk gingham.

Orch-folk feathers.

Steve, who has avoided the blog thus far, kindly did some modeling for us.

Tuckered out.

Oh, Joey.

Claudia and Johnny Blood, nuzzling.

This taco had my name on it.

And, speaking of tacos, here is a very short film starring Claudia Gonson. Warning: it may induce nausea (due to my camera work) and/or hunger (due to all the talk about tacos.) Enjoy, and see you in LA!


M + E


3 responses to “Adios, San Francisco.

  1. My pleasure! It was most excellent meeting you! The thing with the “no wine” in your merch area was odd.

    I love those chocolates, too. Chocolatier Blue ( is only a couple of blocks from my Berkeley abode, so it’s … difficult. 🙂

    The food pics from your tour have been wonderful. Safe travels!

  2. Go Pacolli go!
    It’s impossible not to love her.

  3. Glad you got your wine… And chocolate! Thanks again for the pins 🙂

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