Our 20 Hour Guide to Los Angeles

Since you already know our first stop was at In n Out Burger, allow us to proceed with the rest of our whirlwind trip to LA. We’re still reeling.

The Wilshire Ebell had excellent signage.

The Ebell, as seen from the lip of the stage.

I escaped for an hour to have lunch with my brother. We ate more Persian food than anyone has ever seen. I come from a family of vacuum cleaners.

The band, silly creatures that they are, doesn't know that we carry this to every show.

I know this is blurry, but when there is physical action on this stage, you really have to go for it.

The dressing room. Which is also a very large bathroom. Oh, Fox Theater, we have fond memories of you.

Yesterday was my dad's birthday. We formed a P for Big Pete.

I was sleeeeeeepy.

Claudia enjoyed the rather baroque seating arrangements in the lobby.

Our big outing: the 7-11.

Our orch-folk friends.

Pink band, pink audience. Remind me to tell you about our two favorite redheads.

Orch-folk feather. It's an earring.

This adorable woman cut my friend Edan's class in order to attend the show. Ms. Lepucki, here is your proof that she wasn't scoring 8 balls in an alley, or taking a pole-dancing workshop instead.

We always love seeing Laura and Steve. You will love them too, once you see Strange Powers.

Alix is an excellent and enthusiastic model.

If you have to wake up at 5:45am, make sure your excellent hosts have made popovers. Bravo, Nazzaro.

Oh, LA. We know how much you have to offer. We know about your tacos and your donuts and your sunshine and your vintage clothing stores. We also know about your movie stars. The LA audience was suitably packed with famous faces. Mike sold t-shirts to two of our all-time faves, which I am very, very sad to have missed. Alas. I was really hoping to post a surreptitious photo of myself with Ms. Ringwald, but it was not to be. Maybe next time.

Until then, hello Wisconsin!


M + E


3 responses to “Our 20 Hour Guide to Los Angeles

  1. That picture of Claudia is simply amazing (the socks are awesome), as are all the rest of the pictures. You guys are the best!

  2. LA misses you too already. Come Back! We have tacos for you! With cilantro!

    Comeon – Milwaukee’s got nothin’ on LA. Well, maybe they won’t have ‘Tapout – Season 3’ billboards and that wouldn’t be so bad.

  3. Bravo! My wonderful student Sanam is excused for being absent! Love. It.

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