We Are 90% Frozen Custard

After our dizzying time in LA, we knew just what we needed to get our heads back on straight. Dairy products. Luckily, we now find ourselves in America’s Dairyland, the great state of Wisconsin.

(Side note: Mike is shaving in the bathroom right now, and singing Peter Gabriel’s version of ‘The Book of Love.’ It’s very amusing.)

Ladies and gentlemen, meet my husband, Jake Ryan, and our sweet new ride.

You don't even know what's coming.

One scoop chocolate, one scoop mint chip, one happy girl.

After that, we picked the band up at the airport, drove everyone to the swanky hotel, had hamburgers at the restaurant downstairs, and then slept for twelve hours. Viva Wisconsin!

See you at the Pabst.


M + E


4 responses to “We Are 90% Frozen Custard

  1. Oh yes yes yes. Wisconsin. Frozen custard. Love in the air. Too bad you couldn’t have a jumbo Harley (made in Wisconsin) to ferry the band about.

  2. Don’t worry mom, I got a manicure.

  3. truly the two most glorious flavors combined on one delectable cone. can’t wait for the chicago show!

  4. Thanks for the silly conversation, sweet smiles, and awesomely absurd earthy t-shirts. The Khaki/Beige album makes for perfect for merchandising in America’s Dairyland.

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