Milwaukee: Where the Beer Lives

As former residents of the great state of Wisconsin, we were delighted about our stop in Milwaukee. The Pabst Theatre is a grand, sprawling place, and we quite enjoyed frolicking around the swingin’ bachelor pad in the basement. Cheers to you, Milwaukee!

These chairs are on the rider.

Stephin, the crossword puzzle, and an enormous squishy thing.

We put Neil to work as soon as he arrived, poor thing. Here is he is, tweeting away.

E + C + mirror

Photo and commentary by John Woo

Stephin and Shirley had lunch at the Safe House. Here, Stephin makes like a spy.

To exit the restaurant, one had to walk down a series of secret passageways.

Big Pete, this one's for you. Chip found us at the merch booth, isn't that lovely?

Girls from Madison love to admire their beers.

Speaking of beer, here are my new best friends who brought us a Spotted Cow. Three cheers for the internet!

Jesse Lee brought Mike scones from Lazy Jane's, which in turn brought him to tears.

Steph, seen here in her Orch-Folk finest, baked us cupcakes AND an almond cake. We bow deeply to her efforts.

The cupcakes were delicious.

Another spaceship looming overhead.

We were at the Pabst, after all.

I told this boy that he could woo someone with a copy of Holiday. Agree or disagree?

Orch-Folk, with bump.

Oh, and then the band played. Right after they took their shrinking pills.

They played inside a giant fireplace.

We paparazzied Sam after the show.

Neil was drinking something that tasted like an alcoholic cookie. We'd promised him frozen custard, and this drink was the closest he got. Apologies, Neil, apologies.

Claudia, somehow still awake.


The Good Hair picture, plus the Claudia Cam.

Beers this big are a little scary. Dan is doing the 'Hapsburg chin,' or something.

This is the menu. Here are the basics: beer, sausage.



Giant pretzel.

Radishes. See, sometimes we're healthy.

The fist bump of love.

There are even more pictures coming, dears. Stephin pretending to be a spy! More snacking! Stay tuned. We are currently about three hours from Bloomington. More to come.


M + E


9 responses to “Milwaukee: Where the Beer Lives

  1. Now you know even more about the Milwaukee ethos: gemeutlikeit, or however it’s spelled. I am sorta beaming, even without the custard, cupcakes, sausages and beer.

  2. The Knickerbocker

    It was wonderful to see you for five minutes. I hope your owls enjoy the rest of the tour (Hoo-hoo–hootenany)!

  3. stephin-as-spy and stephin-as-spy-in-creepy staircase are both fantastic and should be on the cover of an album.

  4. I heard of you guys and your tour from following @neilhimself on Twitter. I am a Milwaukee native and almost died w/ jealousy hearing that you (and he) went to the Safe House. I have that exact same HofBrau giant mug – it was a gift, but now I know it was originally stolen! Thanks for posting this blog and I can’t wait to check out more of your music!

  5. how exciting; you were all in Milwaukee! Glad to see you put your time to pleasurable use! Excellent-it IS a nice city. 🙂

  6. Man, that looks like a good time. But which of these posts don’t, in some way?

  7. As your cupcake supplier in Chicago on the last tour, I was glad to see someone took care of the baking duties. I drove up from Chicago to MKE to see the show on thursday and had a wonderful time. Thanks for touring again! Will be checking this blog for further kerfuffles, shenanigans and crave cases

  8. sadly no, *wipes away tear* that is why i had to motor up to milwaukee. take lots of photos so i can see what i missed! : )

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