The Crave Case and Other Tales from the Buskirk Chumley

We left Milwaukee feeling quite sure that no other city could equal its delights. Ladies and gentlemen, allow us to introduce you to Bloomington, Indiana. Caveat: it was Parents’ Weekend here at IU, and so we stayed somewhere out of town. Many of the pleasures we found were of the chain-store variety. We know that Bloomington proper has many highlights of its own, and we would be happy to visit again and enjoy them. We are particularly sorry to have missed the biscuits at the Farm. St. Louis, if you have biscuits, please tell us where to find them, as we now have a hankering.

This was taken in Milwaukee, but it was too good not to share. Remind me to tell you about Dan's Transylvanian bloodletting.

In the Deathstar, en route to Bloomington. As ever, pano photography by John Woo.

It's Laura Barrett, actually, and it's so nice to have her back.

Laura and Ajay, two streaky sylphs.

The Buskirk Chumley, from the stage.

Judah, Brooke, and Tallulah, three of Bloomington's finest.

Linsey, aka Claudia's Evil Twin, brought us an ice cream sundae. Turns out she's the good twin.

Best. Tattoo. Ever.

Abby works at the Bus-Chum, and bow-hunts in her freetime.

Dave and Jen will also be joining us in St. Louis. We love repeat customers.

Michael and Alyssa are our most loyal readers. Welcome back to the blog, kiddos.

After the show, we all went a little bonkers. Get ready, people.

Dance party in the Deathstar on our way home from the pizza place.

Jason told us stories about rock stars and their gurus and helicopters.

Sam is learning the path of the Tourganizer.

Shirley, pretending to have finished both bottles of wine all by herself.

Uh oh. What's that? Sam, John, and the Tourganizer are taking another field trip?

From the heart of the Magnetic Fields.

Internal memo from John Woo.

Mission in progress.

Success. The Crave Case. That's right, thirty tiny little hamburgers with holes in them.

Stephin gave them a sniff.

This morning, we got back in the Deathstar and left the remains of the Crave Case behind. We’ve got a lead on some donuts in St. Louis. When you see us, please don’t mention how tight our clothes have become. It is too late to turn back now.

Yours, until later,

M + E


11 responses to “The Crave Case and Other Tales from the Buskirk Chumley

  1. you guys are the best! i love my fab new shirt. come back soon to sunny btown please.

    love from abby the bowhunter

  2. Stephin Merritt and White Castle. Truly barmy.

  3. It was a great show. Thanks so much for visiting.

  4. “Breaking Away!” – which is the source of my suggestion that you should all give a shout-out to the Cutters from the stage. But you probably knew that already.

  5. I hope the donut lead is for Donut Drive In on Chippewa. ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m not sure about biscuits – that’s a tough one (so to speak), and this isn’t exactly Atlanta… Some amazing food here though – “best of” section would be a lot of help, you can email me with any other specific food questions, I could prolly steer you in the right direction. ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. White Castle? Fo’ real? Total regression. Hello 1998! Does this mean that I can book TMF into scuzzy rock clubs again?

  7. So is it true that the fries only come in one size?

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