In The Loop, Where All Things Are Possible

We had a lively drive from Bloomington to St. Louis, with Mike and the Tourganizer taking turns at the wheel. We heard there were snacks to be had, and there were.

Our first stop: Blueberry Hill for some fried ravioli. Mike was dubious.

Ask me whether it's a good idea to deep-fry ravioli. No, it's not.

Our hotel had a lot of Interesting Features.

Outtake from the Banjo Hunk Monthly centerfold shoot.

Our next tour will be with Anvil, if we have anything to say about it.

This guy owns all of St. Louis, as far we can tell. You would too, if you had your own hologram.

Ajay, Laura, and Dana, the best Canadian love triangle ever.

Oh ps I am Princess Leia, only with otherwordly light instead of buns.

The Pageant. The Magnetic Fields did not do any boxing whatsoever.

We set up shop in the coffee shop next door. The good people of St. Louis managed to find us anyway.

These wonderful ladies had tie-pins. Nothing but class, STL.

We talk about merch all the time. Really. All the time. Just test us.

After the show, we had more snacks, including more fried ravioli. Still a bad idea.

Before the show, we had some Pi-bations at Pi, where we also had some delicious pizza. Deep dish pizza still doesn't really count as pizza, though.

The dudes went bowling next door. Guess who won?

The Tourganizer, obvs. Do the rest really strike you as sporty? No offense, A Team.

On the road to Chicago, we played some Scrabble. Guess who won? This too should be obvious.

Stretching at a gas station.


Where to find Shirley after the tour.

See? We give back.

Snacktime. Oh, Wisconsin. So close and yet so far.

And now we’re in Chicago! Time does move along, doesn’t it? The Oscars are on right now, and we’re pulling for our darling Neil and The Hurt Locker.

More soon, with hot dogs!


M + E


3 responses to “In The Loop, Where All Things Are Possible

  1. thanks for coming back to stl! we enjoyed the show immensely.

  2. great show. everything i had hoped for. thanks for delivering some stellar merch as well. please stop through STL or KC the next time a hootenanny is in the works.

  3. We saw the ‘Shirley’ sign and thought the same thing!

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