The Wiener’s Circle: Welcome to Chicago

You’ve been waiting for the inevitable hot dog pictures, haven’t you? We looked at all our donut recs (thank you, Leslie, for keeping an eye out for us), but everything was miles and miles away. Not to fret–this is a major city, after all, and there are other delicacies to be enjoyed. Ladies and Gentlemen, allow me to present our first day in Chicago.

We lost a few Scrabble tiles in the van, and our alien leader searched for them with the light imbedded in his forehead.

These are not Jason's sunglasses.

We pulled into town and headed straight for the Belly Shack. You should, too.

The Harris Theater is underneath Millennium Park. It's like a really, really fancy bomb shelter.

Jason tourganizes Claudia and Stephin so well that they're blurry.

We miss the Old Town School of Folk.

The man, the myth, the booking agent.

Imagine sitting in these lights for three hours plus, then having to count things.

It's enough to make you turn blue.

No wonder it's so dark, we're three stories under ground.

Orch-Folk meets Disco Glam.

Sleepy and blue.

Our handsome friends.

Maybe not Orch-Folk, but adorable nonetheless.

Dan's parents came. They are our favorite Romanians.

Stephin tourganizes John and Sam.

I told them all to snarl. Claudia somehow missed the memo.

Erik + hand of god, giving directions.

If we can't go to the Old Town, we'll bring the Old Town to us.

Canadian party.

Sam beat us all to the Wiener's Circle. I won't tell you what the lady behind the counter said to him.

Claudia, entering the Wiener's Circle.


Bite #1

Bite #2

Alissa's Orch-Folk mittens.

Thank you, Chicago, for a wonderful first day. It is now 2pm and all we’ve done is drink tea and coffee, so off we go to explore. See you tonight back in the parking garage! Bring your sunglasses.


M + E


2 responses to “The Wiener’s Circle: Welcome to Chicago

  1. Fabulous seeing you guys last night! Chicago is a better place when y’all are in town. But please note: Not everybody in Chicago is as racist as the employees/patrons of Wiener Circle…

  2. That snarl pic is priceless.

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