When the Fog Met the Bat Cave: Chicago, Night Two

I woke up with a snuffley face on our second day in Chicago, but a cold couldn’t keep me from finding the best lunch in town, putting on my lipstick, and getting to work.

Lunch at Lula.

Lunch should always end with two enormous pieces of cake.

And matching t-shirts.

Claudia finally conquered her evil twin, thanks to the banana cream pie.

Across town, Stephin and Shirley found and devoured some Bahn Mi sandwiches.

Our merch spaceship, care of Jwoo.

My favorite thing that my pink-haired friend said, holding up Realism: "Do you want me to hold up the one with the guy in the kilt?"

We love repeat customers. Seen here: the Mondo Jugglers, Minneapolis' finest.

Some little blue cuties.

Dana in her Orch-Folk finery.

Laura's littlest fan.

Ajay had us do a little modeling shoot in our new Old Town sweatshirts.

Alissa and Sam at the after-show hootenanny.

Sarah made peanut butter cookies. They were twice as delicious as this adorable packaging, and that's really saying something.


This Orch-Folky told me that she was a fan of Big Pete, which won her major blog points.

Strange Greek liquor, John's eye.

In the elevator going UP to the street, Stephin said, "Everyone, raise your hands." They did.

Remind me to tell you about Dan's bloodletting. This jar should serve as a visual key.

Mural, bros. Still not at street level.

Outtake from the photoshoot for John Woo's solo record of acoustic Rush covers.

Sleepy, snurfy, ready to get back to New York, but still really enjoying our new sweatshirts.

Something to look forward to in New York: Dan's suspenders.

We’re home! Expect to see some pictures of our pets tomorrow. So looking forward to seeing you at Town Hall this week. Remember the rules, people: Wednesday is Cupcake Day, and being nice at the merch booth will get you everything.


M + E


3 responses to “When the Fog Met the Bat Cave: Chicago, Night Two

  1. hi. your review on the blog of the 2nd day in chicago was better than the actual show in chicago… they were oh-so-sleepy.

  2. pacollipacolli

    “John Woo’s solo record of acoustic Rush covers” hahaha that’s a neat photo!

  3. The Magnetic Fields were amazing, and I thought fog covered Chicago wrapped the night up pretty nicely. I don’t think my sister or me were aware we were being photographed in that extra wide photo; neat photo though, even if it is just the backs of our heads. Now that I think of it, I do remember you two doing a freeze pose, but I didn’t think we were in the shot.

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