Finally, We Know Where to Find All the Snacks: NYC, Night One

And, we’re home. It’s been several weeks of shows out in the world, and we’re delighted to be sleeping in our own bed. But don’t think we will neglect you, dear readers. There is still food to photograph, and, oh yes, a couple of shows to go.

World, meet Gravy Boat. Ah, home.

On the way to the venue, we stopped at Stephin's to pick up some boxes. Stephin also showed us this box, containing his laundry, which had been mailed by the owner of the van we used on the west coast. Skerik Night Goat, we salute you.

Pre-show noodles.

Empty Town Hall.

Empty Town Hall, looking up.

I was not feeling good. This was taken shortly before my nap in the dressing room.

Doing some business in the front row.

Claudia, perched.

The adorable Eula blew our minds by making our screenprints into this amazing dress.

The back of the dress features Ms. Distortion and Mr. Realism, the guy wearing the kilt.

Orch-folk finery from a very loyal blog reader. She also brought us a bottle of booze. Three cheers!

Zack was so excited he ate one of our cards.

It was Laura's last night on the tour. She snapped photos of me snapping photos.

Laura, Dana, Ajay and Stephin, being stags.

John and Dudley.

The really funny part of this picture is that we are watching SNL right now, and Paul Rudd just came on Mike's favorite sketch, 'What's Up With That.' Good choice, Paul.

We're going to miss our little Canadians.

Claudia found this banana-apples combo irresistible. Here, she's telling you why.

Modeling Lessons Available at the Town Hall 3/11 and 3/12.

This morning, we had breakfast at Egg with Dan, Laura, and Ajay. Always say yes to brioche.

Then sci-fi coffee at Blue Bottle. a recent import from San Francisco.

Bon voyage, Laura! Welcome, Darren! I’m feeling less sickly today, and promise to sneeze on you less. See you tonight, everyone.


M + E


One response to “Finally, We Know Where to Find All the Snacks: NYC, Night One

  1. Paul Rudd at the TMF show seems to be the latest internet meme. It’s everywhere!!

    Also: Aimi!

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