We Live at Town Hall, and Here’s Proof

Yesterday, we spent all day at home before heading to Town Hall, and unless you want to see endless pictures of our couch and empty refrigerator, I think we’ll get right to the show.

Shirley was a little ray of sunshine during soundcheck.

View from the Pianet.

Sam and John, heading in opposite directions.

James and his beard popped by for a visit before the show.

Orch-Folk, complete with cast and crutches.

Darren Hanlon, pinball champ and all-around charmer.

Darren, doing some more charming after his set.

MIchael Hearst. Is this a sexy look or a disapproving one, I'm not sure.

We know every single person who works at Town Hall. Last night was our 9th time there with the band.

My body is really ready to get back to yoga class. My shoulders are now attached to my ears.

My wonderful friend Laura brought us a little nip.

It was both magic and medicinal. Thanks, dude.

Kate and Kevin brought us cookies in an inside-out pizza box. Hurrah.

Look everyone, we got Amy back! Double the Tourganization.

Tourganizers unite.

I'm not really that much taller than David.

Alexandra has a mean picture face. And when I say mean, I mean good. When I say good, I mean fierce.

The Davols are excellent totebag models.

They stayed like this for a really, really long time. Hands off, Woo. That one's mine.

John and some lady friends.

Darren is also playing at Bruar Falls in Williamsburg on Sunday night. You should go, and bring all your friends.

Dan and I love to loiter in front of bathrooms. Do you have a problem with that?

After the show, we walked through Times Square until we found the bar with the antlers. Then we stopped for a drink.

And now, please enjoy the dance moves of Town Hall’s finest, Chris Prandy. You may remember Chris’ neck tattoo from the last tour blog.  He was at Town Hall in 2004 as well.

One more show! One more show. We’ll see you tonight, same time same place. Things to look forward to: more Straubs! Something called the Dewanatron! Videos!

Until later, yours as always,

M + E


3 responses to “We Live at Town Hall, and Here’s Proof

  1. Emma is beautiful.

  2. Is it sad that I’mma be sad to see the blog go?

    Oh, and Michael Hearst is ALWAYS sexy. Always.

  3. Eileen, you are a peach.
    Michael, you’ve got a few more days of goodness. Not to worry.

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