Town Hall Night Three: We’re About to Get All Boyz II Men on You, So Watch Out

Last night was very bittersweet– we adore Town Hall, we’re happy to be back at home in New York, but our buddies are heading to Europe for another grueling leg of tour, and we’re not going with them. I think in a perfect world, we would all head to Hawaii with our loved ones and pets for two weeks of R + R.

First, let's all congratulate Jason on his tour baby. It's name is BBQ.

Outtake from 'Australian Guitar Hunk Weekly' c/o the Fancy Cam.

More modeling by Jason, minus the tour baby.

Yes fan # 1.

Yes fan #2. YMike must have something to do with this.

Meet Calvin.

Meet the cake Calvin's mother baked for us. Way to go, team!

Are these glasses Orch-Folk? Maybe not. But we had to photograph them nonetheless.

The Dewanatron, manned by two Dewans.

Do your parents bring tiny bottles of whiskey to your office?

This lovely lady was Orch-Folk and totally knew we were going to take her picture. Well done, missy.

Advertising in Big Pete's hatband.

We were also advertising across the street.

We aren't always this flummoxed when someone hands us money.

Tim is nice.

So are Kenny and Brendan.

Sam is sad this part of the tour is over.

But he just heard that Clarence Clemons is opening up for TMF in Europe.

John is sad this part of the tour is over.

But there's a huge Dungeons and Dragons convention this weekend!

Shirley's sad this part of the tour is over.

But Troy's picking her up in his uniform!

Stephin's sad this part of the tour is over.

But in Europe, every day is Wednesday.

Claudia's sad that this part of the tour is over.

But there are so many exotic snacks to look forward to!

Dan's just happy to get back to his homemade Absinthe machine.

Mikey's just plain sad.

But now we get to do our taxes! Oh, wait...

Emma's sad, too.

But these chubby cheeks need some yoga, stat.

Passed during the show. This time, thankfully, it wasn't for us.

Harold, one of Town Hall's finest, was game enough to make a face.

Stephin bought a few dozen Magnolia cupcakes, despite it being Friday. He must already be on the European schedule.

Two little teapots.

Jason's trying to be sad, but really he's wicked stoked to get back to all 700 hours of his Tivo'ed American Idol.

And in the end, it was just a boy and a cello.

Our own little chorus line. Okay, this is where the Boyz II Men starts playing.

Fancy Cam Pano of M + E inside the Town Hall spaceship. And we're done!

Oh, my dears, don’t worry. We’ve got a few more posts up our sleeve, and the band has promised to email pics from Europe, and we will post them for you here. It’s been such a pleasure! We are never eating cupcakes ever again, and it’s all your fault, you generous, sweet people.


5 responses to “Town Hall Night Three: We’re About to Get All Boyz II Men on You, So Watch Out

  1. So much to say, so little space here!

    Firstly, I love that that gay jew-tard is there! I lovvvve Kenny Mellman so damn much, what a trip it’d be for he and Mr. Merritt to be in the same room.

    Secondly, all of these sad to happy progressions make me too happy for words. All of ’em. But, Mr. Merritt actually looks slightly less miserable in his first picture than the second one. Strange.

    Thirdly, don’t pretend you’ll be able to resist cupcakes next tour.

    Fourthly, yay for European pictures!!

  2. pacollipacolli

    i want more! i’m sad. the only good thing that comes to mind my right now is that after touring a new album is gonna come, so yay!
    the photos are great, it was lovely seeing you guys again! can’t wait for next tour already!

  3. I’m glad you had a funnish experience and it’s swell that you documented it.

    I’m glad you didn’t go to any states where bloggery is still illegal.

  4. I want a camel scarf like Emma’s!

  5. Most delightful tour blog ever. I’ll miss it. I’ve always hated that habit of addressing cities in the second person, but you’ve proven to me that it can actually work. Thanks!

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