Best of the Best

*Please note, this list is ours and ours alone, and the opinions set forth below are not those of the Magnetic Fields. I mean, sure, they might be, but they might not be, and you shouldn’t blame them for our poor taste. Proceed.*


Best Cupcakes: Cupcake Royale, Seattle, WA

Best Pho: Xe Lua, Toronto, ON

Best Meal: Pok Pok, Portland, OR

Best Breakfast: Sparrow, Montreal, and The Crumpet Shop, Seattle, WA

Best Local Delicacy: The Montreal Bagel, The Wisconsin Beer, The Chicago Hot Dog


Best Hotel: Ace Hotel, Portland, OR


Best Hospitality Service: BAM (care of Sahadi’s, which was Claudia’s idea)

Best Venue Staff: Town Hall NYC, Fox Theater, Old Town School (appearing at the Harris Theater)

Best Crowd: Town Hall NYC; The Pabst Theater, Milwaukee, WI; Herbst Theater, San Francisco

Best Dressing Room: The Pabst Theater, Milwaukee, WI, and The Fox Theater, Oakland, CA

Most Seizure-Inducing Lighting: Harris Theater, Chicago


Places Well Represented Despite Our Not Visiting: Louisville, Vancouver

Best Mode of Transportation: The Deathstar, obvs

Best Five Minute Vintage Store Shopping Spree: Tag, on Barack Obama Blvd, St. Louis

City in Which We Wanted More Time to Play: Los Angeles, CA


Biggest Ham: John Woo

Best Story about Bloodletting that Should Have Been on the Blog Even Though It Would Have Scared You: Dan Bora

Leadership Award of Excellence, Dude: Jason “Tourganizer” Thompson

Best Snacks Hidden in Her Bag: Claudia Gonson

Perpetual Winner of the Movie Game and Scrabble and Every Other Game We Played: Stephin Merritt

Best Faces: Shirley Simms

Best Team Spirit: Sam Davol

Most Devoted to Task at Hand: Michael Fusco

Most Devoted to This Particular Task: Emma Straub

Up next…Outtakes! Photos from Europe!


M + E


4 responses to “Best of the Best

  1. I speak for everyone in the greater Boston area when I say: Thanks?

  2. Why, because Boston didn’t make our Best Of list? We had a delightful time in Boston– the Marimekko store! Hi-Rise Bakery! Our list could have gone on and on!

  3. Best Name: Cupcake Royale. The cat’s pajamas.

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