Manchester + iphones = new blog post!

The world is a small place, our friends. Today we got email after email with photos from Manchester, and without further ado, we will present them to you.

From the Shirley Cam, in an Icelandic airport. The model looks thrilled to be there, as I'm sure Shirley was.

Sam introduces us to the anti-Deathstar.

A goth cityscape, via Shirley.

John in the Manchester cathedral, also via Shirley.

We loved the cathedral. Suits us, don't you think?

The ladies, via Fancy Cam 2010.

Stephin, cathedral, Fancy Cam.

Sam and John pano, via Fancy Cam, obvs.

All of us in the van on the way back to the hotel. We look remarkably perky, I think.

Phew! What an exhausting day. Here’s what we would have eaten: fish and chips! Lots of beer! Here’s what else we would have done: gone to the Abba exhibit with Stephin!

Next stop, Leamington Spa. If there isn’t a single hot tub picture, we quit. That one’s on you, A Team.

Yours, via satellite,

M + E


2 responses to “Manchester + iphones = new blog post!

  1. Yeah, that ABBA museum sounds like maybe the coolest thing in the world.

  2. Saw the concert in Leamington Spa and was knocked out. Will be looking forward to seeing the Magnetic fields again

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