TMF meets Tammy Wynette in Leamington Spa

Well, maybe not Tammy herself, but the band did spend an awful lot of time in her trailer, which was inexplicably found in the backstage area. I’m surprised no one volunteered to sleep there.

Mike found it difficult to leave Manchester, what with all the ferris wheels.

Meet Tammy's trailer.

Shirley in Tammy's trailer, delighted. We offered Shirley twenty dollars to sing 'Stand By Your Man' inside the trailer. We shall see.

Stephin in Tammy's trailer, c/o the Fancy Cam, which makes Tammy's trailer look very fancy indeed.

But who needs a trailer when you can sit at John's feet?

Next stop, London! We expect more photos of food. Don’t let us down, band.

Tally ho,

M + E


3 responses to “TMF meets Tammy Wynette in Leamington Spa

  1. You owe Shirley 20 bucks. Proof will be with you shortly from the mymcam.

  2. The Magnetic Fields at Leamington Spa – a day I will never ever forget. The Italian meal may not have cut the mustard, as it were, for this here blog but I know the band did enjoy the local biscottoni and coconut cubes.
    London has a lot to live up is all i’mma sayin’.

  3. i’m very ready for that video! send it over!

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