London, Stockholm, and Remnants of Leamington Spa

Until we can figure out how to post YMike’s excellent photos, we’re going to offer you a small Whitman’s Sampler of what the band’s been up to in recent days.

Really, why would one hang out anywhere else?

YMike and YMike at the Barbican in London, c/o Fancy Pano Express.

Welcome to Sweden, care of a boy band and the Shirley cam.

Airport Claudee.

Shirley's still thinking about her killer rendition of 'Stand By Your Man.' (Update: the video has been secured, we're just trying to figure out how to watch it. We now owe Shirl $20)

Sam is our co-pilot, always.

Stephin's caption:Enclosed please find an ethnological photograph of a typical Swede, in its natural surroundings.

So many more photos to follow, once we learn how to post YMike’s pictures. Stay tuned. Until then, close your eyes and picture Sweden.

M + E


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