Things Get Dark in Scandanavia

From a distance, here’s what we know about Scandanavia: things get dark. These things include the Magnetic Fields. Also, the Swedes have interesting public art. For example, enormous brass penises. Need proof? See below.

Big Pete at Heathrow.

Stephin, somehow confused by the public affection.

Claudia, giant penis.

Bathroom Realism.

From the Jwoo Vermeer portfolio.

Another dark Swedish portrait.

Light, dark, Stephin.

Right now, the band is in Germany, which means they’re almost done with the European leg. We will be delighted to have them back. Perhaps they will bring pot brownies and Marimekko by the suitcase-full. One can always dream.


M + E


One response to “Things Get Dark in Scandanavia

  1. Why no merch stand in Oslo (or the rest of Scandinavia)? I had brought all my hard earned cash to buy CD’s and shirts, but had to spend it all on drugs and booze instead 😦

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