Who You’ll Meet At The Merch Booth

M + E

Hello nice people of the internet. We are Mike and Emma, your trusty merch team. Come and see The Magnetic Fields in these cities, and we will sell you a t-shirt or a record or a poster printed with our own little hands. Any thoughts about where we should eat sandwiches are much appreciated.

Visit us and buy our posters here. Also, make sure you come and say hi if we’re in your town.


6 responses to “Who You’ll Meet At The Merch Booth

  1. Since my rep at Airplanes, Donuts, Distortion precedes me, it seems only right and natural that I comment first. HA!

    Can’t wait ’til February 4th, guys!

  2. albeit on the far northside… you really should have breakfast at M Henry while in Chicago. Seriously.


  3. Hey Mike and Emma! It’s Zack from The New Gay, me and my boyfriend Michael met you backstage at your DC show. We came bearing cupcakes. Forgive me for being such a luddite but I couldn’t find a contact link here so I’m leaving this all as a comment. Anyway, it was nice meeting you both and I love all your merch. If you wanna check out the interview that we did, you can find all three parts at the link below. Hope you’re having a good tour!



  4. In Bloomington, you should eat sandwiches at The Bakehouse, The Uptown Cafe or Farm, all of which are a (very) short walk from the venue. If you’re looking for vegan/vegetarian options, Roots and Laughing Planet are good bets.

  5. Thank you guys again! It was delightful to chat with you.

    Now that you’re back on your home turf, I’m sure you know all the sandwich places you need to hit…so enjoy your downtime and have fun with your kitties!

  6. Hi Emma,
    Nice meeting you at the show last night. Just wondered if you posted the picture of my husband John’s cast!! Looked for it, but can’t seem to find it. Nice website, love your photographs.

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